Is Hubert and Hubert The Right Choice for You and Your Business?

At Hubert & Hubert, Inc. we understand that there are many choices to make in an everyday business that may not be so easy. We cater to each of our clients in way that works best for them. We believe in helping you and your business to succeed.

The self-appraisal questions below will help you identify and analyze your needs and perhaps show you ways that Hubert & Hubert, Inc. may be of assistance.

Business Advisory Services

Is your accounting firm providing responsive and effective business advisory services?

Is your business advisor knowledgeable about all of your business and committed to helping you attain your objectives?

Does your business advisor use a common sense approach to serving you?

Can your business advisor quickly adapt to your unique business?

Business Planning

Does your accountant assist you with business planning and budgeting processes?

Are you aware of how business plans can help you obtain financing and better manage your business?

Does your business plan meet the expectations of your board of advisors?

Are you receiving timely answers to your “what if” planning questions?

Do you have formal short-term and long-term goals?

Do you have information needed to enable you to efficiently analyze the financial trends affecting your business?

Business Tax Planning

Does your business structure- Limited Liability Company, Sub S Corp., or Corporation- minimize taxes, both now and in the future?

Are you receiving creative and effective federal, state, and local tax planning advice to help you minimize taxes?

Do you have a tax strategy which coordinates and integrates business and personal objectives to meet your needs?

Are you identifying and taking advantage of available investment and other tax credits?

Do you adequately explore the tax implications of planned transactions?

Do you have a plan for the succession of the business?

Improving Operating Results

Are you satisfied with your operating results?

Is your organization structured to grow for the future?

Do you have the key people you need?

Are your production and inventory systems operating efficiently and meeting your needs?

Is your distribution system meeting your customers’ needs?

Are your operating and capital budgets effective?

Can you improve the management of receivables and inventory to improve your cash flow?

Financial Growth

Are you paying for long term assets with your short term debt?

Have you identified opportunities to generate additional funds internally through better cash and asset management?

Are you aware of the sources of funds available to your company?

Has your accounting firm helped you determine and evaluate your financing alternatives?

Accounting and Reporting Services

Are you spending too much time trying to comply with outside reporting requirements?

Are you receiving the full benefits of your financial statements?

Could your objectives be accomplished with a less costly review or compilation?

Personal Tax Planning

Are you benefiting from professional assistance in preparing your individual tax returns?

Do you have a family financial planning objective? Does it provide for flexibility and liquidity?

Have you considered the positive effects of gifts and trusts in your family financial planning?

Are you aware of ways in which tax planning can assist you in meeting your personal and family objectives?

Does your personal financial strategy take advantage of the best timing of your income and deductions?